Mami - Adopted on 5/14/2017

Age:  1 year
Gender:  Female
Breed:  DSH


At just shy of one year old, poor Mami has lost everyone she has ever loved - well, almost everyone. First she lost her home, the only home she knew. She and her partner Daddy were young parents and were surrendered to HART when their family fell on hard times. We met this young family the day after their babies were born. Mami was a wonderful mother to little Curly, Larry and Mo-nique. She was scared and missing her adoptive parents but she focused her energy on raising these beautiful babies. Then Mami lost her partner Daddy when he was adopted with his new friend Polar. Poor Mami was devastated when two of her babies Larry and Mo-nique went to their new home. She searched for them for days... Her last baby Curly is all she has left and she loves Curly fiercely. They are very bonded and best friends. Mami loves to show Curly new things. She taught Curly how to use the kitty door to the basement, she showed her the wonders of playing on the stairs and she showers Curly with affection every chance she gets. It is a common occurrence to see Mami summoning Curly to join her in new adventures. Mami and Curly are a bit like Jay and Silent Bob. Mami is quiet and thoughtful and Curly is vocal and silly. The only thing Mami loves more than watching Curly romp and carry around little toys is grooming her and showering her with affection. We would hate to see Mami lose the last member of her family. Don't you have room in your home and your heart for Mami and Curly together?

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