Mike and Molley

Mike (Adopted on 6/17/2017), Molley (Adopted on 6/10/2017)



Age:  1 year
Gender:  1 female and 1 male
Breed:  German Shepherd/Hound Mix


Overall Mike is such a good puppy. He is doing amazing on the leash- not pulling at all, walking right next to his foster mom, and barely reacts at all to other animals on the walk. He seems to love other dogs, while I wouldn't say he HAS to be in a home with another dog, I do think it would be ideal for him. He hasn't had a single accident in the house and is pretty "efficient" when he is let out. He learned "sit" really fast, he is smart and very eager to please. He is quite clingy, we are trying our best to get him to be a little more independent. We practice leaving and coming back and not immediately giving him any attention, and not letting him come out of his crate until he calms down. He really doesn't love his crate, but doesn't protest it too much. He is very gentile with our toddler and great with our own young active dog.

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