Pappy - Adopted on 7/15/2017

Age:  4 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Bloodhound


Pappy is HAPPY! He is a big dog lover's dream dog. He likes to have his family close at all times, so he is a fantastic companion. He loves children and gets along well with other dogs. (It is unknown how he feels about cats, but squirrels he may like a little too much.) One of his favorite things to do is nap. On the floor, on the sofa, in your bed, in the middle of a party... he can nap anywhere. But fair warning-he snores!! If you want to see Pappy's inner puppy, just suggest a car ride. Pappy is definitely portable and ready for high adventure at a moment's notice. It should be no surprise that Pappy loves walks and sniffing out the neighborhood-he is a bloodhound after all! What IS surprising is that he likes to play fetch too. He is a bloodhound of all trades. Although Pappy is a gentle giant, he doesn't always have good body awareness, so he may bump into and even knock down those who are smaller or unsteady on their feet. His breed also slobbers quite a bit, so having a towel on hand is a must!

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