Virginia - Adopted on 9/9/2017

Age:  5 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Basset Hound Mix


Wow this girl is adorable! She's housebroken, is nice and calm but will do cute bunny hops when happy:). She enjoys her walks and does like other dogs but it will take her a little bit to warm up to them. She seems to do best with the big boys. Virginia was found in a rural area with 5 of her very large pups. Where she's short legged all of her pups had tall legs and they were bigger than she was at 4 months old! It was quite a sight to see these pups with her. At the adoption events she doesn't show her goofy side but once she's settled in a home she definitely will. You can't do anything but fall in love with this girl. Virginia is not crazy about riding in the car but is doing better. She sits calmly but could drool or throw up. When left home unattended she'll have to be crated otherwise she might chew something she shouldn't. Although Virginia doesn't love the crate she might wine a little but hasn't been barking and when you return she'll be sound asleep in her crate. Please come meet this girl. She'll be an amazing addition to your family:)

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