Cookie N - Adopted on 7/22/2017

Age:  About 2 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Lab/Chesapeake Bay Retriever Mix


Oh, how sweet, but oh how scared. Cookie surely suffered som abuse (she also has some scars). I touched her and petted her and her eyes were large. I massaged he cheeks and let her smell my hands, and she licked my fingers. Now that she is with one of HART's super fosters, she has come out of her crate and she ate and drank. She is already making tremendous progress. Cookie will need some TLC from her adopters, but she will be a fantastic addition to a family. There is not a hint of aggressiveness, even defensive aggression, in her demeanor nor in her character. Cookie is the kind of dog you will never forget and always wonder why you didn't adopt. Oh you did, then you will never, ever forget her sweet, charming nature. I know, I will always remember that sweet face and those loving licks on my fingers.

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