Potter Pups

Harry (Adopted on 8/12/2017), Hermione (Adopted on 8/5/2017), Ron (Adopted on 7/29/2017), Snape (Adopted on 9/2/2017), Dumbledore (Adopted on 8/26/2017), Hagrid (Adopted on 7/29/2017)







Age:  1 year
Gender:  1 female and 5 males
Breed:  Shepherd Mix


Fuzzballs galore. These sweeties have been LOVED by humans since their birth. Their mom would not/could not care for them so they have been reared by some very special human parents. They love people of any persuasion and age. They are eager to find their forever homes so that they can get on with the process of being the family pooch. Snape, the smaller of the two almost got adopted but the family took another of our pups instead. He is still a happy-go-lucky guy who's only care in the world is where the b=next cuddle is coming from. Dumbledore is the bigger one of the two and the more relaxed of them. Somehow Dumbledore seems to sense that people will love him and just lets it come his way. The bottom line is this: cuter than cute puppies, but BEST dogs ever when they grow up. Check them out, but don't wait too long, these guys are prizes worth going for.

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