Reba S - Adopted on 7/15/2017

Age:  3 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Lab


Reba is the most beautiful Labrador Retriever you'll see in years. She is also very lab-like in behavior. Reba loves you, dwells on you. depends on you. When I met her, it was as though we had know each other forever (she reacted toward some dog-type intruders, but gave in immediately when I told her that that is not right). Reba has very good manners, and needs to be told that manners matter always. She will be perfect dog for any family. This is a dog that, if she had papers would cost thousands and she would be worth it it. She is house trained. Reba has some real Lab habits that I had forgotten about: Looks at you and asks if you really want her to do that, glues her nose on a scent, rolls over when you ask her to do something she'd rather not an smiles at you.

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