Sammie N - Adopted on 7/29/2017

Age:  4 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Beagle Mix


Sammie is a love. He is friendly, he likes people of all types and ages. In fact, I would call him a little "Velcro Dog." Sammie is also friendly toward other dogs, and most likely to cats as well. Sammie does not like to be apart from his humans for too long and will let a bellow that sounds like it came from a Great Dane rather than a tiny Beagle, but he does not persist as some Beagles are wont to do. He was described as timid, but I did not see that at all. Sammie just coolly sits and lets you pet him and then will tell you he wants more. Sammie would be perfect with any family that has the time to tell him he is loved. Could that be you?

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