Chopper - Adopted on 8/19/2017

Age:  5 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  German Shepherd Mix


Like many German Shepherds, Chopper has a stable and compassionate temperament which is ideal for such a large dog - he is truly a gentle giant. Chopper is eager to find his forever home because his previous owner died recently and it's evident that he cares deeply for his people. While on a walk the other day, his foster mom tripped and fell. Chopper came right over to her, waited patiently, and then appeared to try to help her get up. He is a very kind-hearted and loving dog. His foster mom has given him the nickname Lovey Bear!

Chopper has a love of playing fetch but when you aren't able to play, he will entertain himself by tossing the ball himself and chasing it (quietly) through the house. He also has a nice "off" switch which allows him to relax with the family.

He would love a big fenced in backyard where he could gallop around once or twice a day and play. He loves playing with his foster mom too. Chopper does know, and is obedient with, the "Come!" command. He also appears to know "sit", "shake", and "lie down". He is very smart and learns quickly. Chopper is usually great on the leash and his foster mom is working working with him to improve his leash manners when he gets distracted. Chopper is also house trained and crate trained.

If you are looking for a dog with high intelligence, devotion to his family, and a great sense of humor, then this big Lovey Bear is for you!

Chopper in the SC shelter:

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