BB Pups

Mickey bb pup adopted (Adopted on 9/2/2017), Ricky (Adopted on 8/5/2017), Winston (Adopted on 9/23/2017)

Mickey bb pup adopted



Age:  1 year
Gender:  3 males
Breed:  Beagle Mix


Mickey and Winston have several things going for them. One, we love them a whole lot. Two, they are the cutest, lovingest, "perfectest" pups you'll ever meet. They are two handsome Beagle pups who just want someone to love them as much as the HART people do so they can go to their forever homes. They are very calm puppies who like to limit their playtime so they can get enough naptime. Winston is the smaller of the two and Mickey is the bigger and the "pushier" of them. If you look up the definition of the perfect Beagle pups, Winston and Mickey will be right there in the center of the description. And, BTW, their mom, Betsey Sue, is just the best ever. So, if you believe in genetics and if you believe your eyes, either of these, or both, will have to be your cup of tea.

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