Zara - Adopted on 8/19/2017

Age:  About 2 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Lab/Terrier Mix


This girl is just absolutely full of personality. A volunteer at the shelter in South Carolina took pictures of her, and then Zara just crawled into her lap. She is a total sweetheart!

Zara's temporary SC foster family said she is "easy to connect with and has a special connection with each member of the family. Her eyes draw you in and make you want to love her forever. She is super special and delightful in every way." She got along well with everyone in her SC foster home - the kids, puppy, kitten, and senior dog. She seems to be house trained and crate trained. She is pretty quiet - the only time she barks is when she sees her own reflection in the sliding glass door!

Zara came into a SC shelter with puppies, but the shelter kept the puppies to put them up for adoption and mom was running out of time. She is now safe with HART and she is ready to find a forever home with a warm lap that she can crawl into all the time!

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