Age:  6 months
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Beagle/Foxhound Mix
Size:  Medium
Dog Friendly:  Yes
Cat Friendly:  Unknown
Kid Friendly:  Yes


Joeyjoe and Sammysam are 2 wonderful brothers from a rural part of Virginia. (They do not need to be adopted together.) They have been in a foster home for 2 weeks and have made a very impressive amount of progress. In 2 weeks they have been house trained, crate trained, learned to leash walk (need more work....), and vastly improved their house manners. The boys learned how to sit, and met lots of nice people of all ages. They very comically learned how to go up and down stairs and would "sled" down at first. Horribly skinny on arrival, they now look perfect! Sammy is significantly bigger than Joey, and we are guessing adult size to be 60 pounds for Sammy and 40 pounds for Joey. Both are handsome, sweet, medium energy dogs who are a bit rascally. Both need homes where someone is home quite a bit to provide the exercise, stimulation and training that silly puppies need to be good boys, and to grow into the wonderful family pets that they are destined to be. They get along well with the 3 older dogs in their foster home, and are respectful of their "elders". Our family has a weakness for black and white hound dogs (they are the best!) and have enjoyed watching these two blossom! Please come meet them, they would love to see you!

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