Age:  About 2 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Basset Hound/Border Collie Mix
Size:  Medium
Dog Friendly:  Yes
Cat Friendly:  avoids them for now
Kid Friendly:  Yes


Mathah is a beautiful young lady with striking features and soft luxurious fur. She came from a rural shelter, and looks like she has had puppies in the past, despite her being only 1-2 years old. She weighs about 45 pounds and is full grown. We do not really know what kind of dog she is, but we are guessing basset/border collie and maybe a little golden retriever? She is gentle, well mannered, quiet, docile, and eager to please. She wants to meet and talk to ALL the people, young and old alike. She is very loving and leans in for pats and snuggles. She walks nicely on a leash and is mostly housebroken. I expect her to be 100% housebroken when she is feeling better. She had a difficult spay and had intestinal parasites, so once she is all recovered from that I think she will be perfect! She gets along OK with other dogs, but would like them to give her a little space (again, probably until she is well). So far she hasn't chewed on a single thing! I don't think she was used to being in a crate, but is working on crate training and doing well so far. Although she has very nice house manners and walks nicely on a leash, she doesn't seem to know any commands so we are also working on that! Marthah will make a delightful family dog with her calm, loving personality. Please come meet her, she would like to sit in your lap!

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