Granville Pups

Gabriela N, Domino N (Adopted on 8/11/2018), Perdita N (Adopted on 7/28/2018), Looper N (Adopted on 8/11/2018), Marble N

Gabriela N

Domino N

Perdita N

Looper N

Marble N

Age:  4 months
Gender:  3 females and 2 males
Breed:  Lab Mix
Size:  Medium
Dog Friendly:  Yes
Cat Friendly:  Probably
Kid Friendly:  Yes


Cute as the dickens! They are all outgoing and just love people. They are good with kids and other animals but were outside puppies, which HART does not like. They came to us early enough that they are not affected. Now you get them in all their glory. They are about 20 lbs as of mid-August.

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