Grace 2 - Adopted on 9/25/2010

Age:  8 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Hound/Shepherd Mix


Hello, I am very shy. I was born in a dirt pen. My sister Eloise looked after me. We love to play together. We had to fight for our food and the water buckets were always dirty when we had water. Now, I get feed twice a day and fresh water 3 times a day. I am so glad we were rescued recently from living in the same pen I was born in (I don't remember ever leaving that pen). I get to lie inside with an A/C. I'm learning to walk on a leash. My foster mom says I'm very beautiful. I am tan all over.

I need to learn about the gadgets in a home. I don't know about a phone ringing or a TV or ceiling fan. Please come to visit me at an adoption event. Are you the one willing to teach me about the every day going ons? I promise to love you in return. I'll be waiting to meet you.

Please consider adopting my sister Eloise and me together. We are really bonded and feel more secure when we have each other. We love to play together and we promise to keep each other company while you are out of the house.

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