Rita - Adopted on 11/19/2012

Age:  1 year
Gender:  Female
Breed:  DMH


Trina is a beautiful light brown tabby with lovely eyes. SHE is convinced she is Entertainer of the Year. And we won't tell her any different, she is a terrific little kitty! It is impossible to look at her and not smile-she always has her foster mom laughing with her antics. She is very energetic and playful, performing flips and acrobatic leaps. She invents little games that she plays herself, it is hours of entertainment just watching her go to town on a little stuffed mousie or her personal favorite, Styrofoam peanuts! Trina has a great big purr, especially when she is snugly with you just waking up or when she hears a can of cat food being opened. Trina would love a lifetime home with her sister, Rita, but she can be adopted separately if you already have a furry companion in your home.

Rita is a sweetheart and an absolutely beautiful girl! Pictures don't do her justice. Her fur is unbelievably soft and it is such a pleasure to snuggle her close! She does love to cuddle after playtime and she rewards you with a monster purr. She has such a nice demeanor and is so mellow with her older cat cousins, she will be a great companion for your existing lonely pet or ideally she could be adopted with her sister Trina! They are named for hurricanes for a reason, but when the whirlwind playtime is done they are both as gentle as lambs.

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