Cookie adopted - Adopted on 12/4/2014

Age:  6 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Beagle Mix


Cookie thought she had a great home. In rural West Virginia for almost 2 years, sweet and gentle Cookie shared grammy & grampy's home with her human momma, poppa, nine 2-legged young'uns, and four mostly outdoor cats. It was a little cramped, and very busy, but mostly loving and happy. Well, the human family managed to get jobs and find themselves a home big enough to fit all of the young 2-legged family, but alas - the landlord had rules about fuzzy residents, "No Pets". And with the young'uns all gone, grammy & grampy just didn't want me to stay. I don't understand - I didn't take much room. I even volunteered to share the barn with the cats. But they said I should go find a new family to live with. Can you help me find one? I miss having a family!

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