Be a sponsor for Celebrate 25 with HART, one of our biggest annual fundraising events, and reach out to over 400 people! Your advertisement will appear in our event program. It will appeal to our supporters and to your potential customers and will help us to raise the vital dollars needed to save even more animals in need.

You don't have to be a business to sponsor the walk! Place an ad to memorialize a loved one. A picture of Mom and Dad, a Happy Birthday message, your child or your beloved pet. Remember, it's a tax deductible donation and goes so far in the life of a needy dog or cat. Last year, this event raised almost $24,000 for our animals all thanks to generous, tax deductible donations. Sponsoring this event is a great way for your business to show its support of animal rescue and to help us save even more animals in need!

What do I get for being a sponsor?

There are three packages available for Celebrate 25 with HART sponsorships. All donations are tax deductible.

$50 Sponsorship

Quarter page ad (3.25" W x 4" H Portrait)

$80 Sponsorship

Half page ad (6.5" W x 4" H Landscape)

$150 Sponsorship

Full page ad (6.5" W x 8" H Portrait)

What do I have to do?

Review the sponsorship packages list above, choose the package that best suits your needs and your budget, and then submit your Sponsorship Registration form. Registrations and artwork must be post marked or received online no later than May 22nd.

How to register

The easiest way to register is by completing an online registration.

How else can I support the event?

Be a Vendor. Does your business provide goods or services that animal lovers crave? Set up a FREE vendor booth and get selling. See the Vendors section for details.

Register for the event. With your registration fee of $35, you will get a HART goodie bag and sponsor a pet for 3 months. Each additional $10 will sponsor a pet for an additional month. Encourage your friends and family to help HART reach our goal by sponsoring a pet; either their own or a needy HART dog or cat. Each $10 donation will sponsor a pet for one month. See the Event Registration section for details.