Cat Adoption Application

All applications encouraged! HART promotes adoptions that are in the best interest of both the cat and potential adopter. HART does not adopt pets on a first come first serve basis. All applications will be screened by HART to determine the most suitable match for both you and the cat.
You may submit one application for multiple cats.

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Do you own or rent?        If renting, does the lease allow cats?    
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Place(s) of employment of adults in family?       How long? 

Any plans to transfer to another location or change employment in the foreseeable future? 

  1. How many hours a day will your HART cat be left alone?       
  2. Where will your HART cat be kept when alone?
  3. How often do you travel for business and/or pleasure? 
  4. Who will care for your cat while you are on vacation/travel? 
  5. How will you encourage and reinforce appropriate behavior? 
  6. How will you prevent/manage inappropriate behavior? 
  7. What do you foresee as normal cat/kitten problems? 
  8. Will your HART cat ever be allowed outside?   
    If Yes:       
  9. What will you do with your cat if you have to move?
  10. I would consider giving my cat back to HART if the following situation(s) were to arise (Please check all of the following that you think might apply):

  11. Where will the cat sleep at night? 
  12. Where will the cat eat? 
  13. Where will you keep the litter box? 
  14. How often would you scoop the litter box? 
  15. What behavior(s) would cause you to get your HART cat declawed? 
  16. Do you currently have a Dog?    
    If Yes, is the dog cat-friendly?       
    If No, do you plan on getting a dog in the future?       
  17. Do you have a doggy door?    
  18. Do you have a fenced yard?    


  1. Who will be the primary/sole caretaker of the cat? 
  2. Why do you want a cat?           
  3. What age most appeals to you?         
  4. What aspect of a cat is MOST important to you? 
  5. What activity level MOST appeals to you?       
  6. Type of Coat:       
  7. Is someone in the family willing to brush your cat often?      
  8. Does anyone in your family have allergies to dander/hair?       
  9. How much do you think it costs ANNUALLY to own a cat?  $
  10. How often would you take your cat to the vet? 


  1. Have you ever owned a cat or dog?     
    If Yes, please list:
    Name of Pet Cat/Dog Breed If cat, declawed? In what year did you get this pet? Total # years pet with family? Was pet spayed or neutered? Is pet still with your family? If no, what happened to the pet?

    Please tell us where your pets came from (breeder, shelter, pet store, rescue group, stray, friend):

    If you have owned more pets than listed here, please inform the HART representative that contacts you.
  2. What vet(s) have you used most recently/regularly with your pets? Please provide vet contact information for each of the pets that you've owned within the last five years, even if some/all of these vets are out of state:
    Vet or Clinic Name Phone Number (required) Pet(s) Names Seen By This Vet
  3. Have you ever had to give up a Pet (Cat/Dog/Other) for any reason?    
    If Yes, what happened to the Pet:


Will you permit a home visit by a HART Representative?     

Do you authorize a vet reference check by a HART Representative?    

Have you ever applied to adopt from HART before?    

Have you ever adopted from HART before?    

How did you hear about HART?

When you click Submit, your application will be forwarded to a HART representative. You will also receive an automated email copy of your application. Please print this email copy and save it for your records!


Your application is not complete until you see the message "Your email/application has been sent." If you click the Submit button and do not see this message, one of the required questions has not been answered. Please scroll up thru the application until you see an error message that looks like this text.

HART 08/22/09