HART Returns to New Orleans - September 2010

Update 9/26/10: HART launches a video about the rescue effort! Please send it to all your friends, colleagues, associates or simply, everyone you know! Post it on your Facebook, MySpace, personal and business websites pages to help us get the message out. And don't forget to sign in to YouTube and click "like". It may not go "viral" but we can try!

Update 9/20/10: View Article from New Orleans Times Picayune about the rescue effort. The first dogs mentioned - Suzette (who is actually a boy), Scout, Jim, and Addie - are all ours!

Update 9/18/10: View Photos of the dogs and puppies arriving from Louisiana today. For these dogs and puppies, it was a first class flight to safety! Thank you, Nancy, for all the work and coordination it took to make this happen.

Did you know that in the Gulf Area, companion animals are being surrendered to shelters in numbers as high as Katrina? They are the silent victims of the oil spill...losing their homes when their owners lose their jobs.

Read more about Pilots and Paws and this special mission.

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Photos before their flight to Virginia

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