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Woofstock at Tall Oaks Assisted Living
August 29, 2010

"A special thanks to Kirsten Porter for organizing our very first Woofstock at the Tall Oaks Assisted Living. It was a lovely day (with great food ...wink wink...) and I think the residents enjoyed it immensely. I felt so proud and so honored to be there with you all and was touched watching you all talking with and interacting with the residents. We all know how special our animals are to each of our lives, but I think sometimes we forget how powerful animals are in the lives of those who don't get to see them every day.

A special thanks to all those who came today and gave their time and spirit...Kirsten, Donna and John, Meg, Leslie, Jann, Alyssa and Mark, Sue, Karen B, Dick, Donna and Mark, Terry, Chris (and Dawn for sending Jasmine), Kim, Holly and Ralph (and Harley) and Cindi. I hope I haven't forgotten anybody, but if I have please please forgive me and accept my heartfelt thank you!"

"Dear HART friends,

What an amazing day! According to the Tall Oaks staff, the residents are still talking about how much fun they had seeing all our dogs and talking to our HART volunteers on Sunday.

For many of the elderly residents, a visit from HART was the highlight of their week, possibly their whole summer!

Like Nancy, I enjoyed watching the interactions between our volunteers, the elderly, and our wonderful dogs.

Both HART dogs available for adoption and HART alum dogs showed up for the event and were truly well behaved and sweet and even had a few tricks up their paws to show off, (thank you Nancy’s Dewey, Jann’s Remy, & Donna’s Brandy).

For those of you who came, your graciousness and willingness to give up a Sunday just reminds me why I feel so blessed to be a part of HART.

We are a rescue made up of some of the most generous, loving people.

Thank you, my friends, for proving to me there are people out there almost as kind and compassionate as my dogs!"


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