If you are unable to accept the long-term commitment of a dog or cat but miss their companionship, then the HART Foster Program is for you!

Our Foster Program is one of our most important means of saving the lives of endangered dogs and cats. When we receive animals for rescue, our first thought is to place it into a loving foster home until a permanent home can be found. If a foster home is not available, we have to place the animal into a kennel. While a kennel does provide a safe place for the animal to stay until he or she can be placed, it doesn't provide the love and companionship of a foster home -- and the financial burden of housing an animal in a kennel is significant.

HART has established a network of foster families that provides a wonderful service to the animals that are lucky enough to be placed with them. These families constantly tell us how having the love and companionship of a dog or cat improves their lives. Please consider joining our team by offering your home as a temporary safe haven for an unfortunate animal that is in desperate need of help!

If you elect to participate in our Foster Program; first, the prospective foster must complete a Dog Foster Application or Cat Foster Application. After a HART representative has reviewed the application and conducted an interview, a HART representative will visit your home to ensure that you can provide a safe place for the animals. Foster homes are asked only to provide the animal with love, make sure veterinary care is supplied by one of HART's participating vets (HART covers the costs), and bring the dog to at least two adoption days a month.

Once your home has been approved by a HART Officer, you will be contacted periodically and asked to foster a pet in need. Your choice! Your decision! Sometimes you'll have the pet a week or two. Other times, you'll have your faithful friend there for a few months. Once your foster pet has been adopted, you can either move right on to the next one, or take a break in between!

So many animals are given up for varying reasons; without the Foster Home Program, approximately half of these loving pets would be euthanized. Please help them by becoming the link between their old life and their new. HART covers veterinary expenses. We supply the pets, you supply the love!

If you are interested in fostering a HART dog, please fill out an online Dog Foster Application or E-Mail questions to the Dog Foster Coordinators.

If you are interested in fostering a HART cat, please fill out an online Cat Foster Application or E-Mail questions to Kim.

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