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The Health Benefits of Neutering a Male
The benefits of neutering a male are so significant, that it is possible to say that unaltered male cats cannot make good house pets. If you want to keep a male cat as a pet you simply must neuter him.

Here are some reasons, other than helping to fight the cat overpopulation crisis, which may convince you to neuter your male cat:

  • Prevent spraying.
    Tomcats (unaltered males) spray foul-smelling urine around their territory. Neutering a male cat before he reaches sexual maturity, almost always prevents this behavior pattern from emerging. If a tomcat had already taken to spraying, neutering is still likely to stop or at least significantly reduce the habit. The urine of a neutered cat is also less smelly.

  • Prevent roaming.
    Tomcats tend to roam long distances. This means they are often away from home, sometimes for days on end. Roaming puts these cats in danger, as they are more likely to be hit by a car, poisoned, or be hurt by dogs and people.

  • Prevent injuries and disease.
    Tomcats tend to get into catfights over females and territory. This means they may get injured and are more likely to be infected with disease. By the way, this also means that it is virtually impossible to keep two or more unaltered male cats together.

At what age should I have my cat neutered?
The rule is to neuter before your cat reaches sexual maturity. Consult your vet concerning your cat, but remember to have the cat altered before the sexual maturity (usually before the age of 5-6 months).

Will my cat get fat and lazy?
Numerous studies have show that neutering are not a cause of weight gain in cats! Cats become fat if they eat too much and don't get enough exercise, not because of sterilization. Your cat is not likely to get lazy or sedate either. The cat's personality is determined by its genetic make-up and by external stimuli, not by its hormone glands.

I want to have a large cat - Will neutering stop my kitten's growth?
No. Some studies indicate that early neutering actually makes the cats larger - not fat but rather taller and longer!

Will my cat be deprived of manliness?
Please don't make the mistake of thinking about your cat in terms of human experience. Cats are not bothered by our social concepts of gender and gender-specific experiences.

Are there any risks involved?
As with any operation, there are some medical risks involved. However, these pale in comparison to the medical and behavioral advantages of neutering cats! As stated earlier, you will in effect be extending your cat's lifespan and improving his quality of life. Also, please bear in mind that these are among the most common operations performed by veterinarians.