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"Prayer of a Stray"

Dear God, Please Send Me Somebody Who'll Care!
I'm Tired of Running, I'm Sick With Despair.

My Body Is Aching, It's So Racked With Pain,
And Dear God I Pray As I Run In The Rain.

That Someone Will Love Me And Give Me A Home.
A Warm Cozy Bed And A Big Juicy Bone.

My Last Owner Tied Me All Day In The Yard
Sometimes With No Water And God That Was Hard!

So I Chewed My Leash God And I Ran Away
To Rummage In Garbage And Live As A Stray.

But Now God I'm Tired And Hungry And Cold.
And I'm So Afraid That I'll Never Grow Old.

They've Chased Me With Sticks And Hit Me With Stones
While I Run The Streets Just Looking For Bones!

I'm Not Really Bad God, Please Help If You Can,
For I Have Become Just A "Victim Of Man!"

I'm Wormy Dear God And I'm Ridden With Fleas And
All That I Want Is An Owner To Please!

If You Find One For Me God, I'll Try To Be Good
And I Won't Chew Their Shoes, But I'll Do As I Should.

I'll Love Them, Protect Them, And Try To Obey
When They Tell Me To Sit, To Lie Down, Or To Stay!

I Don't Think I'll Make It Too Long On My Own,
Cause I'm Getting So Weak And I'm So All Alone.

Each Night As I Sleep In The Bushes I Cry,
Cause I'm So Afraid God, That I'm Going to Die!

And I've Got So Much Love And Devotion To Give,
That I Should Be Given A New Chance To Live.

So Dear God Please, Please Answer My Prayer And
Send Me Somebody Who Really Will Care!