Pet Memorials

Bunny Roo Beagle

Rescued 2004 - October 3, 2008

Note from HART: Bunny was a beagle who was pulled from a kill shelter right before she was going to be put down. On Bunny's very first adoption event, almost 4 years ago, a couple came looking to adopt. The couple was looking for a younger dog until they saw Bunny. She was very thin and very sad looking and appeared much older than her 10 years. There was no doubt that she had had a very hard life and probably was never let inside a home. It seemed that no one had ever cared for her yet alone loved her. No matter that she looked so frail, it was love at first sight when Kathy and her husband saw her.

Bunny inspired her own website and it is terrific, with lots of useful information and some darling pictures of Bunny.

Over the years, it is very hard to remember all the dogs that we rescue and adopt. And some of them you cannot forget. We remember Bunny not just because she was so old and sad when we got her, but also because of the contrast with the way her life was before HART and the promise her life held after she went to her new home.

Sadly, Bunny passed away on Friday. However, as you can see, she was truly loved and adored for the last 4 years of her life.

This is just one of the several thousands of success stories HART has had over the years. But stories like this always provide a great reminder of the good work HART does and the difference each of us make to the lives of the dog and cats we rescue.


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