Pet Memorials


There He Is!

That’s how I called to him at the dog park to get his attention. I would throw my arms open wide and in my best high-pitched voice yell "There He Is!" And he came running. That’s how I will always remember him. Ears flying in the wind with a smile on his face that only running for no purpose could produce.

JoeBob wasn’t planned. I went in to finalize my other foster dog’s adoption and saw JoeBob lying on a bench. He didn’t even pick up his head. One of the volunteers said they didn’t think he’d last the week. Depression was getting to him. I said I’d take him home. TEMPORARILY. Yea right. A few short weeks later, my little “big boy” was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The vet gave him 2 months to live. That was almost one year ago.

JB traveled more in the last 12 months than some folks in a lifetime. He’s been up and down the East Coast with me and my other dog on business and never was there a calmer, more well behaved dog in the car. One time, I had to travel with one of the Senior Managers from work to Charleston, SC. Given the short time frame, I could not find accommodations for JB. So I took him. In the company car. And in the Trip Report, it was stated that JB behaved better than I did. He at least could sit still. And NEVER barked. That was another of his beloved quirks. He never barked. Never at strangers on the street, never at anyone approaching the car, never at anyone coming to the house. I was the muscle for JB. He only barked if he saw rabbits and deer. Then he let loose the most horrible half scream ever heard to mankind. He saved up his barks for these rare moments when he could let his Southern Gentleman guard down and act like the hound dog he was.

Many folks say he was lucky to have me—he needed a second chance. I say I’m the lucky one who was given a second chance. A second chance to open my heart to another dog who could teach me how to appreciate the every day pleasures in life. To appreciate the smells of summer grass, the benefits of sunbathing, a long nap and how good peanut butter or a frozen lemon ice tastes on a hot day or after a long walk.

JoeBob has taught me that the greatest gift in life you can offer is to just be yourself. And that’s enough.
And how you run to people in life who care about you as fast as you can.

My little one—I miss you. Now get to chasing those rabbits.


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