Friends Memorials

Jeanette "Jay" Megaw

On February 7th, four-legged creatures in the metro DC area lost a strong ally. Jeannette Megaw’s two most recent pets were adopted from HART. “Joy” the three-legged beagle is still with us. She never met a dog that she didn’t adore. I recall one sporting event that we attended where she had the police dog on her shoulders licking her face much to the dismay of the two-legged officer. Frequently, shopping trips were interrupted to visit a dog, or stop on the road to pet a creature who was walking their owner. The vet-techs at our long-time animal hospital claim to want to be reincarnated as dogs at her house. Even on the night of her passing, our family wondered if she’d already met all the dogs we’ve lost before her. We agree that she is in a place with all those dogs (and more) and has a bottom-less pocket of treats. We’re sure she had reunited with all of them. Just to be certain, we packed a couple of dog treats and a host of dog tags in the memory drawer of her casket. She was a real lover of all creatures, four-legged, winged and even two-legged ones on occasion…always rooting for the underdog.
From one who knew her well, her son George

Jeanette Megaw, a great friend of animals and of HART, passed away February 7, 2008.


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