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Jim Mortensen

On Tuesday November 17th, my husband, Jim Mortensen of Herndon, Va died very suddenly. Besides his family and friends, Jim left behind the "rescue" puppies that he loved. Jim died one day before they were to celebrate Cindy and Willy's "Adoption Day" one year celebration. The last 6 weeks of his life were spent taking Willy to day care each morning so that Willy would not chew off the cast he had on to heal a broken toe! Jim so looked forward to the day when the cast would be off and Willy could run wild in the backyard. The cast came off on Wednesday!

Cindy and Willy are very much confused why daddy hasn't come home, and have been staying real close to mommy as a lot of new people come to our home. It is a blessing that Cindy and Willy came into our lives; they have and will continue to provide much needed support to me as the days and weeks go by. Willy has always slept with us, Cindy started just the week before Jim died, maybe she knew something I didn't.

I have asked that anyone wanting to remember my husband to donate to HART, Jim would have wanted it that way. At the time I didn't know what a big part HART would play in my life, now I can only thank the workers and fosters who made it possible. Kay Mortensen

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