Friends Memorials

Sabrina Rosenberg

The world recently lost an amazing little girl whose love for animals was a central focus of her life. Sabrina Rosenberg was 9 years old and her heart brimmed with compassion and affection for animals of all kinds as well as for people who didn't have as strong a voice as many of us. She spent much of her free time playing with her friends -- dogs, cats, guinea pigs, birds and any and all other animals she encountered. All of these creatures, and all of the people she befriended, were blessed to have been the subject of her attention and affection. All who knew Sabrina, or knew of her life and passions, have been touched by her wonderful spirit.

Sabrina passed away April 22, 2006.

In honor of Sabrina's birthday on June 27th, HART has taken in a dog from a rural shelter who was scheduled to be euthanized. We feel this is an appropriate tribute to Sabrina, who cared about animals so much.

Sabrina was an incredibly beautiful person in every way. We are honored to remember her in this way.


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