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Walter E. "Jug" Megaw, Jr.

On January 28th, Jug Megaw rejoined his wife Jay and countless four-legged friends who went on before him. Jug and Jeanette (Jay) Megaw’s two most recent pets were adopted from HART. “Joy” the three-legged beagle left us a few weeks prior to Walter’s death. He and Jay (who passed away last February) have taken on “project dogs” their entire adult life. They rehabilitated physically and emotionally mistreated pets and sent them to their reward knowing what it was like to be loved. An early pet Hubert was a pocket-sized mutt who flew glider missions in WW II riding with his head sticking out of Jug’s flight jacket. A picture of Hubert bathing in his helmet is a family favorite. Doctors Rogers and Jacobs at Falls Church Animal Hospital knew a "live one" when they saw him and Jug was known to bring home a new project from time to time. A life in the Megaw home was one that any animal would enjoy. We have been blessed to have had such great parents and a host of wonderful pets over the years.
From his sons George and Stuart

Walter E. (Jug) Megaw, a great friend of animals and of HART, passed away January 28, 2009.

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