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June 22, 2015

There is a huge hole in my heart and life that may never mend. The boundless and unconditional love from one of God's perfect creatures is now missing. Malkolm, our dog of the last two and a half years, passed on Monday, June 22. (He was officially a foster, but we never had any intention of letting him go after spending time with him.) I am now left with an emptiness, the likes of which I have seldom felt before.

Sure, I have lost others, both human and non-human, but rarely have I ever experienced the absolute and unconditional love like he gave from another being. He had some health issues, but he never let those get in his way. When I entered his presence, he would give me the biggest and best welcome he knew how; it always brought a smile to my face and joy to my heart and soul.

When we got him he would have a series of seizures about every three weeks. His prior family said he acted a bit aggressive when he would recover and they were afraid for their children, but all I ever got was a bushel of kisses and a bouncy happy boy.

He loved life as much as anyone I have known. When I would come downstairs in the morning he started bouncing and kissing, bright eyed and full of life. The morning after he passed, that did not happen and I missed it terribly; more than I ever would have imagined. Much, much more.

I am not the best doggie daddy. I am not the most patient and pretty demanding. People have said that he was lucky to land with us, but it is my most solemn belief that we were the lucky and blessed ones. And I, the luckiest of all.


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