Pet Memorials


2001 - 2015

It is with great sadness that we remember out beloved boy, Rigatoni "Riggs" Magel. An older fellow when we adopted him from Hart in 2009, he blessed us with 6 years of joy and love before passing away earlier this year. We pray that the love and caring we showered on him in that scant time in some small way helped make amends for the years of pain and fear that preceded them. Yet despite those hardships, he left more than he took, his impact profound on our lives. Despite the passage of time since he left, not a day goes by we do not miss him. Our lives are less joyful without him.

To our boy, wherever you are, we bid one final 'Good Night.' We love you so and pray that you have found the peace you so richly deserve. Izzie still waits at the door to greet you with kisses. Squirrel!


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