Pet Memorials


Although my memory of many events is faltering at my age, my wife, June, firmly believes you were the H.A.R.T. volunteer who enabled our dog, then named Ping, some 12 or 13 years, ago, to become a most important part of our family. Doubt that you remember, of course, but this was the dog my wife selected at Petco in Fairfax long ago. Unfortunately, you notified us shortly after we left the adoption event that because another adopter had selected two dogs you had changed your mind about letting us adopter her. Then, while June was still crying about the thought of losing Ping, you phoned her cell to say that Ping's promised adopters had decided that two dogs might have been too many, and we could have her, after all.

To fast forward I'll just remind you that Ping was found on a road in the southern part of the state, put in a kill shelter, and rescued by H.A.R.T. Shortly after the adoption we re-named her "The Unsinkable Molly Brown," or, as we called her, "Molly." You can never know the joy and love Molly brought to our family. On the other hand maybe you do, and that's why you do it in addition to protecting these wonderful animals made practically defenseless on their own by man's eons of domestication.

Molly died of old age yesterday, and we are seriously grieving. For that modest contribution acknowledged in your email we hope to defray a few H.A.R.T. expenses and to salute you, and the people like you, who found Molly, sheltered her, saved her from death on her own in the woods and in that pound, and found her a loving home such as ours to live and enjoy a full life.

June and I are extremely grateful to you and others like you who do what you do


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