Pet Memorials

Pele (Peter)

Born 2003 - adopted from HART August 3, 2004 - released from his pain March 8, 2016

We adopted Pele from HART on August 3, 2004, along with his brother Smarty. He was joined by two human children in 2005 and 2008, respectively. Pele was there for the adults and babies, who grew into children, patient and loving. Pele did not mind a "fashionable" haircut from a four-year old, which left temporary bald patches on his head, or playing horse. Sometimes he would comment tugs on his tail and pulls on his ears with a whine, but he would quickly lick the face, the hands, or legs, of anyone who would let him.

Pele stopped eating on Sunday, March 6. The vet had a hard time finding a spot on his x-rays that was not riddled with cancer. Yet he had remained the same until the very end.

Every day we miss Pele. He was gentle, loving, and always ready to provide comfort. A lot of people loved him, including his dog walker Cindy and neighbors Lauren and Peggy, who came and said good-bye on his last day. At the vet, Pele passed away peacefully, surrounded by his family. He is where he belongs now, pain-free and joyful. We look forward to meeting Pele again at the other side of the rainbow bridge! Thank you HART and Charlene for first saving him, and then bringing us together.

The Gordon Family


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