Pet Memorials

Smarty (Paul)

Born 2003 - adopted from HART August 3, 2004 - put to sleep Feb. 16, 2016

We adopted Smarty from HART in 2004 along with his brother Pele (Peter). Smarty was focused on people and such a quick learner that he helped his brother understand commands.

While Smarty picked up tricks and commands easily, he could not adjust when attention shifted to two human additions to the family. So after six years, he moved to a neighbor, where he went on morning runs before faithfully staying at his new dad's side, who had Parkinson's. After his dad's passing, his original family could not take him back because of newly diagnosed allergies of a family member.

At 12 years of age, he found himself a wonderful new family. Then he bit. He was never x-rayed, but his brother was. Pele's cancer had spread to his brain, and it is our true belief that the same had happened to Smarty.

Smarty always was at his people's side. He loved his place on the couch, under or beside the bed. He was outgoing, happy, and protective. He learned easily, and communicated with his humans with clear body language and vocalization. We miss Smarty, but know he is in a better place now, maybe playing with his dad or his brother, or both.

Thank you, HART and Charlene, for giving Smarty the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of not one, but three families!

The Gordon Family
The Crump Family
The Loiselle Family


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