Pet Memorials



"This is Grace. She is 7-8 years old and has lived a life of misery. This time ending up as a stray at the shelter might not have been the worst thing that ever happened to her. NOW she has a chance at enjoying the right and privileges that every good dog deserves. She is so thin and the light is completely gone from her eyes. She is also missing her left hind paw. She is a tiny pocket size Beagle, so adorable. Imagine how wonderful her before and after photos will be! LET'S MAKE THE REST OF HER LIFE THE BEST OF HER LIFE!!!"

That was the outreach from the folks who found her. Poor Grace, never got that chance and died in her sleep last night. They say she had a comfortable bed and some good soft food before she slept-small reimbursement for a lifetime of neglect and suffering. She pulled at all of our heartstrings and we were ready to jump in and bring her up here with one of our wonderful fosters. But we were too late, she was found too late, every thing was too late, and our love has to be with what could have been and of the memories. Sweet Grace, I hope we meet at the Bridge so I can give you that hug and kiss I was too late to give you while you were here. Run Free


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