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Pet Memorials


October 2003 - October 10, 2018

On Wednesday evening, October 10th, we assisted our sweet Schatzie with his passing over the Rainbow Bridge. He was in tremendous pain from a bone tumor in his foreleg, so the difficult decision had to be made.

We first met Schatzie (then Domino) in January 2004 when we drove by a Petco in City of Fairfax and saw the HART sign out front. We had a new home, and the only thing missing was a furry friend, so we popped in to visit with some pups. When we walked in the door, we saw two 5 month old puppies wrestling just inside and stopped to watch. One of them was this fluffy black and white fellow with whom we immediately fell in love. We knew he was the dog for us, and applied for him on the spot. A week later, he became ours and we named him Schatzie, from a German term of endearment meaning little treasure.

Schatzie became a wonderful family member. He was way smart (a bit too much at times), happy go lucky, and there was never a person he didn't love. He was quite the frisbee catcher in his younger years. He was a gentle, accepting soul which enabled us to begin fostering for HART in 2013 as a way of saying thank you for him and for his adoptive brother Monty. We had Schatz-batz for 14 1/2 beautiful years, and would have loved another 14+ years. Hopefully he is in heaven with now with Monty running, rolling, and jumping with all the joyful abandonment he had in his youth. Missing you everyday, Old Man!


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