Pet Memorials



I would smash my heart into a million more pieces for one more day with you.

The first time I saw you, electricity was in the air. You jumped off the transport van and there I was awestruck at such a magnificent creature. You were a hot hairy mess, full of mats, dreads, and eye goop, but that smile of yours melted my heart. Underneath all of that fur and neglect was the most handsome dog I had ever seen.

I brought you home as a foster and our connection was instant. You immediately felt like home and were my constant shadow. We both knew that we were meant for each other, but some convincing to others needed to occur and took some time. Over the course of eight months we lived like you had always been with us. It was a little rocky in the beginning with Diz, but you two worked it out and were a great doggie pair. You fit in quite well with our lifestyle and seemed to be a happy dog.

We would bring you to adoption events, and although people gushed over you, you were either too big, too hairy, or too much for most. There were one or two serious inquiries about you, but for whatever reason, fate already had determined our outcome. It was just the waiting we needed to get through. And we did.

One Saturday morning as we were heading to the adoption event, Mark said I could officially adopt you. He saw how strong our bond was. You had already come home for the holidays with us to the snowy Midwest and met all the family. You were so deeply intertwined with us, that there was not going to be any other placement. I belonged to you.

Over a decade later, my love for you continued to grow every day. My heart would burst every time I saw you. You were an amazing Papa Bear to all the other foster dogs we brought home and never once got jealous. You realized that we were only trying to help others, like we did with you. Granted some of them stayed, but that didn't matter to you. You knew where my heart was and that I would always come home to you.

You never once complained when I made you wear stupid hats, sunglasses, hockey sweaters, or whatever dumb prop I had available. You loved me and knew it was for the betterment of society somehow and you knew you looked good. You even became a little famous after you ended up being the unofficial mascot of the annual Pups 'N Pints event. Definitely a model dog!

You also never grumbled when we might not have had enough time for you with work or other rescue related stuff. Sometimes the days just got away from us trying to make our bosses happy or helping save some other poor furry soul. Of course we could have taken more walks together or gone on more adventures and I do regret that. There was never enough time in the day to love you as much as I wanted to, but I cherish all the time we had. You made me realize how important it is to spend my time with those that I love.

You are and will always be the best "Mr. Bear" ever. The other dogs have some big paws to fill and my heart will beat for you forever and a day. I am so honored to have been a part of your life and I thank you for choosing me.

We love you Mr Bear!


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