Pet Memorials

Tiger Lilly


Many of you never met her, but she was one of those dogs where her reputation was legendary. You may have heard that she was the biggest baddie of them all and that one look could turn you to stone. Or that she snacked on the weak. But those are just stories.

Of course she wouldn't have wanted you to know this as she enjoyed the lore of her badassery, but her true self was the sweetest little girl that was happiest when her people were around. She would cheerfully follow us wherever we were and was just there for the moment. It didn't matter if you were cleaning, mowing the grass, or watching the PlayOffs. She was there. Generally hoping for treats and ear scratches, but always wanting to be there with you.

She was definitely a little rough around the edges for most people, but once you were in the club, YOU WERE IN THE CLUB. New people were always told to be cautious and over time, she mellowed out and enjoyed just about everyone's company. It's such a shame that whatever happened early in her life led her to be the way she was with most living things, but for those that she did love, she loved hard.

The world is a little less brindle now and missing a leading lady, but she is now free from all of her aches and pains. She taught me that there may not be a perfect home for every dog, but there certainly are perfect people for each pupper. And that's what rescue is - people for all these dogs, cats, gerbils, etc. just doing what they can to make a difference and be a force in a life that needs it. You never know what connections you'll make with an animal and when you become theirs that is an awesome feeling. We've had a long journey together and were honored to be hers.

She went peacefully today (but still managed to get in one little snarl - haha, that's my girl!) and was surrounded by love. We wrapped her up and took her back to what has been her home for so long and buried her under the tree in the yard where she used to run and play. When the land settles and the heat cools, we'll have a memorial for her.

Tigzilla, you will always be loved by us and never forgotten. Thank you for letting us into your inner circle and for all the great memories over the years. It didn't matter that you were never officially adopted, you knew WHO was "home".

"There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart."-Gandhi


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