Pet Memorials


May 5, 2009 - August 24, 2019

Nothing can bring more joy to a family like a dog can.

On May 5th 2009, our beloved Coco took a chance on us and left Holly and her families much loved foster home and took the long drive from Fairfax Virginia to Littlestown Pennsylvania where he lived out his life in a loving home until his passing on August 24th 2019.

Coco was shy at first but he quickly turned our home into his home. His bed became his favorite daytime snoozing spot, our bed became his night time snoozing spot. His toys were scattered around the house and our socks, if left out for a moment, became his. He was a busy dog that loved his walks, car rides and overnight stays with his grandparents who spoiled him rotten while we were at work.

Then, on January 24th 2011, Coco's world flipped upside down and changed forever because he became a big brother. Our daughter, Alyssa was born and brought home a few short days later. Coco was curious, hesitant and sometimes unsure of what just came into his life. He stayed his distance when he could but he always kept a watchful eye over her. I told Coco that his sole job was to protect her and keep her safe and he fulfilled his duties. He was very protective of her and also endured a lot of tail pulling, dress-ups, Doc McStuffin type medical exams and had his favorite relaxation spots stolen. Over the years, he grew to love her and was with her every step of her life. He took her to school and picked her up when it let out. He sat in the lawn and watched her learn to ride a bike. He came along for summertime picnics and even caught a softball game or two. More importantly, he got to watch her grow up into a beautiful little girl. There was nothing more special to her than her little "Coconut".

As our family grieves the loss of our family pet, we will always have memories, photos and videos of the good times, the wacky times and even the head-scratching times that we shared together. And when the time comes that there is a good dog in need of a loving home and a good family in need of a loving dog, we know that Coco is watching over all of us and will lead us to each other.

Coco, you were more than we could ever hope for and we hope we filled your heart with love just like you filled ours. We can never repay or replace you but we can take a chance on another dog as I know that's what you would have wanted.

We all love you with our heart and soul little buddy!


Mommy, Daddy, Alyssa, Mom Mom and Pop Pop


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