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Adopted 12/10/2014 - 1/8/2021

On December 10, 2014, Earl became a part of our family. When we first met Earl at a HART event, we were taken in by his beautiful color and his tender nature. He was super excited to be out and about and loved getting pets, which carried on throughout his life. The backstory of Earl before HART was that he was wandering the woods in Georgia and brought to Virginia and HART through Pilots n Paws Rescue.

Earl took to us and quickly found his favorite places to snooze. He loved snoozing on the couch next to you or jumping in bed while you read. He loved his walks too, but would tire quickly and love to come back home to nap again. Earl also loved treats and food. He would try to sneak food away and we would end up having to keep a vigilant eye on him.

Earl was adaptable. We moved so many times over his time with us. Changing condos, apartments and homes and he would quickly find his favorite spots. He dealt with change rapidly, as long as he had his bed next to our bed at night.

When we had our son, Earl was a bit jealous. But Earl soon grew to love him and would always worry about him when he heard his cries. When our son started eating solid foods, Earl realized what a great friend he could be, since he could steal scraps when we weren't looking. He was kind and gentle and tolerant with our son always, even with our son's clumsy attempts to pet him and give him treats.

Earl was our first dog. He was everything we wanted in a dog and more. We never knew how fulfilling and wonderful having someone like Earl in our life and family until we got him. We will deeply cherish all the crazy moments, the fun moments and the regular moments of everyday life with him. We are so thankful we have so many pictures and videos of him to remember him by. The pain of losing him is still raw, but we will always hold the happy moments in our hearts.

We love you so much, buddy. Thank you so much for being a wonderful part of our family. You were the best.

The Zhang Family


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