Pet Memorials


March 27, 2010 until March 23, 2021

We adopted Jackie from the HART on March 27 2010. She had been abandoned,
found by Fairfax City Virginia animal control, and fostered by HART. Animal control
found her and a male German Shepherd at the same time but they had no way of
knowing if they have been abandoned together or found each other after being

We quickly learned Jackie did not like to go for walks. Jackie apparently went through
the same training as 1960s civil rights protestors for when they were about be arrested.
The sound and site of her harness and leash prompted Jackie to "go limp" and she
would do everything she could to make it hard to put on her harness and leash.

For nine years, our pack included Jackie and Frank, a mixed breed rescue we adopted
in 2008. Other than keeping an eye on them during meal time - when it was Jackie
who was the trouble maker - they got along perfectly. Frank loved his walks but Jackie
wouldn't budge. Frank could not teach by example that going out for a walk was a treat.

Jackie welcomed everyone that came into our house. Frank was the opposite. He
believed it was his job to show anyone and everyone that came to our front door they
were not welcome until he said it was OK. In this case, Jackie could not teach Frank by
her example. No growling or barking at anytime for anyone that came to the front door.
She loved people, and assumed anyone and everyone that came to our house did so to
shower her with attention. If you came to our house not realizing you were expected to
adore Jackie, then she would make quick work of making sure you understood your

Jackie was 11 years of joy and happiness and one very sad day; March 23, 2021, the
day we had say good bye. She is gone from our sight but never from our hearts.


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