Pet Memorials


Gibson 11/2010 - 2/22/2022

Gibson came to his forever home in April 2011 when we introduced him to our other dog, Tiki, and our young boys, determined they all got along, and brought him home. He was a 6 month old puppy with severe hip issues but that did not deter him from fitting right into the craziness that was our house. From the moment he came into our home he was part of the family. He grew into a big, goofy, oversized puppy who loved to play with anyone who would play with him - fetching balls, running through the yard, or destroying toys and rope bones. He loved to have his belly and ears rubbed and to go on long walks. He was my walking buddy and I never feared going for nighttime walks with my 90 lb Gibson by my side. Gibson has been with me through thick and thin and I'm comforted to know he's with his daddy playing again over the rainbow bridge.

Thanks to HART for entrusting us with him. He's missed beyond belief.


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