Pet Memorials

Tiki (aka Tillie)

4/2008 - 03/27/2022

Tiki came to her forever home in September 2008 when we introduced her to our other dog Aster and our young boys. Aster needed a friend and the two got along well so we brought her home. As a 6 month old puppy she provided a much needed distraction for Aster who was battling cancer and they became fast friends. In fact, you seldom saw the two of them apart. In her 14 years Tiki was a mainstay and the matriarch of our house. Despite the fact that for a time she was the younger dog, she was always "large and in charge" with Aster and continued that approach with Gibson who was significantly larger than her. While she was never a snuggler, she was loyal to the end. She liked to have her belly rubbed, to "chase" the deer on the other side of the fence, go for long walks, and boss her younger brother around. We will miss that sweet girl with all our hearts but I am sure that she is now playing with her daddy and Gibson over the rainbow bridge.

Thanks to HART for entrusting us with her. She's missed beyond belief.


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