Pet Memorials


Adopted 10/2017 - 11/2022

Our beloved dog Oscar (you guys called him "Lime") crossed the rainbow bridge yesterday.

We adopted Oscar in October of 2017 and though we only had him for 5 years, it seems like he been a part of our lives forever. We are devastated to lose him, but so grateful he is no longer in pain.

He was the BEST DOGGO EVER we joked that he was part Lab, part Disney Woodland creature. We never worried about him being destructive; if he was upset about something he would just go and flip his bed over! He was a neighborhood favorite with the kids at the bus stop. The gentlest, sweetest of dogs, he was content to lie quietly by my chair while I work or just happy to be with us while we watch a movie, but was always game for a hike or long walk through the neighborhood. No matter what was going on, his tail never stopped wagging until the very end. We know he is in good company in Dog Heaven with our Ginger girl (f/k/a Ginger9, also a HART dog).

The depth of our grief is tremendous. For now, only his "brother" Archie (f/k/a Milo, yet another HART dog) still makes us smile.

Thank you to HART for our beloved friend. The days ahead without him are bleak indeed.

We miss him so much!

Sincerely, Karyn, Jim, and Elyse Miller


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