Pet Memorials


Our Dearest Casey:

A two-year-old Beagle named Sunshine met me in a pet store with Hart Rescue. Sunshine introduced herself with a bark and told my wife and me that she wanted us to be her parents. We agreed and took her home about a week later. My wife and I adopted Sunshine and decided to rename her Casey. Casey was a character and a very lively Beagle. She lived to be an estimated 16 to 17 years old. In the end, she contracted cancer. As owners, we attempted to have the Veterinarian cut it out, but we knew it would come back. Cancer came back quickly and more aggressively. Casey was such a trooper and never showed us her pain. Her excessive panting and temperament indicated to the Vet that the time had arrived to cross the rainbow. Casey was with my wife and me for 14-plus years, longer than any other pets we ever had.

Words cannot describe the love we had for Casey. She was one of the easiest dogs to be around and she got along with most. Casey loved that My wife and I were together with her. My wife and I have supported different fosters and Casey was always our go-to girl to introduce new dogs to the pack. We did not take them if they did not get along with Casey. We have many fond memories of her, especially her endeavors chasing squirrels. At our wedding, she was a flower girl and loved her other sisters, Angel, Abbie, CoCo and especially Biscuit. Casey would clean Biscuit's ears every night and they always showed the true love of sisters.

We fell in love with Casey and she loved her family. She was the wife's protector and the husband's buddy. We will always love her and anyone she interacted with will never forget how she touched their hearts.

Joe and Kristin Trahey


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