Pet Memorials


In loving memory of Delmar P. Gorski, 2008(-ish) - 2023

To our sweet HART friends,

We said goodbye to our best boy, Delmar, after 14(!!!) of the happiest years of our lives. In a single week way back in 2009, we got married, signed on our first-ever house, and found Delmar's darling face on HART's website. He has been inextricably woven into the fabric of our lives since that chaotic, happy week. In the years that followed, he welcomed two human sisters whom he loved and protected (and stole endless food from). We liked to describe him as the Chris Farley of dogs - literally a wrecking ball with legs who snatched all the food, crashed through all the doors, and wreaked chaotic and exuberant havoc wherever he went. I'll never forget "walking" with him in a HART parade years ago and being dragged down Main Street in Vienna while he hurled himself into the sidelines to receive pats and compliments and kisses from spectators. Delmar loved the spotlight and never shied away from an opportunity to steal the show.

Delmar was not an easy dog. He was not an obedient dog. He was not a well-behaved dog. He was, however, absolutely perfect where it counted the most. He was the kindest and most tolerant brother to our children and any person he met, for that matter. He was silly and perpetually happy. He had the most soulful eyes, provided endless snuggles, and always had one sweet ear up and one down. He never gave up on anything, and we joked that he had and used up at least nine lives with all his shenanigans. He was the very best boy there ever was, and the space he left behind is one we can never fill.

As we grieve Del's absence in the house and family that he built, we are truly grateful to HART for taking a chance on a tough case and entrusting us with his care all those years ago. Our lives are richer and we are better people because of our Delmar. Thank you for bringing him into our lives.

In loving memory of Delmar P. Gorski, 2008(-ish) - 2023.

Erin, Matt, Bea, and Holly Gorski


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