Devaki - Adopted on 6/30/2017

Age:  Senior
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Lab Mix


Devaki is a senior male lab mix around 8+ years old and 40-45 pounds. Devaki is a total sweetheart - calm, quiet, and gentle - with a nice spring in his step as he heads towards the grass to go potty. He likes attention, especially in the form of ear scratches. Devaki even took a nice, playful roll in the leaves today while outside - a dog that loves life and spending it with a family he adores. HART has checked k=him out pretty thoroughly and he comes with a clean bill of health. The only thing the vets say is, "What a sweet, gentle, calm dog." He'd be a perfect fit for a family who is willing to give him some love and a nice bed to sleep in (plus a nice walk).

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