Dan - Adopted on 5/5/2018

Age:  About 5 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Pitbull Mix


Life in a public shelter was a step up for Dan, who arrived with his collar buckle embedded in his neck, scars all over his body, calluses on his elbows, fleas, long nails and quite a few extra pounds. That was his first lucky break. Coming to HART was the second lucky break for Dan, and we're hoping some loving person or family will make it a trifecta.

Despite his earlier hardships, Dan seems to have a stoical, forgiving attitude toward humans. Dan enjoys being touched, and has had no problem having his feet and mouth handled. He is probably housetrained, as he keeps his indoor kennel area very clean. He's easy to walk (but strong). And although Dan's a chunky monkey, don't think that keeps his paws pinned to the ground: He can go airborne with the best of them if he's in pursuit of a toy (which he then willingly will release).

Dan may not be the handsomest dog, at first glance. The shelter described him as "so homely he's cute" and "a dog crossed with a pot-bellied pig." But get to know him and he is so good, and he tries so hard, that he gets cuter by the minute. It's not easy being a black, scarred, and hefty 5-year-old pit bull, but Dan's making the best he can of the hand he's been dealt. Perhaps it's only a red plastic ring he's reaching for, not the brass one, but he's reaching nonetheless. Can you help put a happy future within his grasp?

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