Gabbi - Adopted on 2/4/2019

Age:  About 9 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Black & Tan Special


This sweet momma pup, came in with Gretchan who we think is her daughter. Gretchen has found her home and now it is Gabbi's turn. Gabbi is just amazing. She enjoys everything and everyone and is always ready for ear scratches, butt rubbies or just straight relaxing. She is pretty easy going, fairly quiet and house trained. She is currently not being crated in her foster home. She came in with some skin issues which have GREATLY improved. With continued treatment and a grain free diet, she is well on her way to saying good bye to her itchy past and rather rough former life. Her records say she is 7 but we think she is a bit older than that between 8 and 9. She really just needs two square meals a day, two walks, and a dog bed, and a home to make her happy.

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